Famous First Downs: a tiny football card game!

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Game Description

Best vintage two player football card game, Famous First Downs by Famous Games Co.

Famous First Downs is out of stock as a standalone game. It can only be ordered as part our 6-game set.

Make it a game of inches with Famous First Downs, our tiny two-player football game! Part of our Advanced Collection of challenging card games for more experienced players.

The feel of the laces against your fingers, the catch in your throat as the pocket closes in, the confidence as you unload that your wide out will be there...

Do you have what it takes to be a famous football player? Order the World’s Smallest Football Game today!

How to Play

Advanced Skill Level - Our Famous First Downs football game is designed primarily for experienced players.Famous First Downs is a fun, fast-playing simulation of the sport of American football. The game focuses on offensive and defensive play-calling and on the need to build and manage your team's momentum over multiple scoring drives.

Each down, the offense declares a play to which the defense secretly responds. The offense then chooses a play option, resulting in the success or failure of the play and determining any subsequent yardage.

Meanwhile, blocked plays earn momentum for the defense while first downs earn momentum for the offense. That momentum can then be spent on special plays like interceptions, extra yards, and repeated downs. The various coins are used to track downs, momentum, and yardage.

Learn the rules to our Famous First Downs football card game with the help of Coach's online tutorials!
  • Players: 2
  • Duration: 5 minutes per scoring drive
  • Includes: 9 game cards, 2 QuickStart cards, 1 info sheet
  • Requires: 10 dimes, 7 nickels, 16 pennies, pen and paper


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$6.99 USD

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