Mieg Sport Spiel

Invented by a young German clock merchant, Edwin Mieg, Tipp-Kick made its debut at the Leipzig Toy Fair in 1926. Unable to afford a stand, Edwin set up his game on the staircase at the front entrance. When clusters of players and spectators began to form, blocking the entranceway, the security guards intervened, forcing him to leave. Seeing how much fun passersby had been having with his game, however, he snuck back in and set up again in another stairwell where he sold his first few hundred copies to excited buyers.

Tipp-Kick has been on the market for over 85 years, now, its fortunes rising and falling with the fate of German football clubs and the popularity of the sport in its home country. Today, the game has a passionate fan base not only in Germany but also in neighboring Austria and Switzerland - these three countries are where the game is traditionally played and sold. Meanwhile, the family business has been passed down through three generations and it now in the hands of Edwin Mieg's grandsons, Mathias and Jochen Mieg. It's been my pleasure to partner with Mieg Sport Spiel to help bring this wonderful deluxe edition of their grandfather's game to North American audiences.