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When playing UNO, do you know how many points the special cards are worth? It's an incredibly easy card game and everything you need to know is printed right there in the rules. The only trouble is no one actually reads them... Rules are critical to any game but, just like learning a new sport, you rarely teach yourself how to play by reading through an abstract rulebook. You learn far better when you can just start watching or playing and be coached along the way by a friend or mentor who's already familiar with the game.

Sample Famous Games QuickStart Setup cardSo if you're looking for a traditional rulebook, you won't find one in our Famous card games. Instead, all of our games contain a pair of QuickStart Cards that will show you how to set up the game and introduce the basic concepts to get you playing as quickly as possible. We also separate our games into beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels to help you find what works for you. And if you need help along the way, you can visit our site and have our talented Game Coach step you through the finer details in a visual, interactive way. Just scroll down within each game's product page and you'll find Coach ready and waiting to help you out. You can even view his tutorials on your tablet or mobile phone while you play.

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