Pocket Boxing: a pocket-sized boxing dice game!

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Game Description

Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee in this brand new boxing dice game from Pocket Sports!. Bouts will be quick and the body blows will be rib-splittingly fun - by the end of the match, one of you is guaranteed to be drooling face-down on the mat!

Choose from 3 different boxers PLUS 3 different defensive stances. Win the initiative and throw your punches. Stun your opponent and, if he can't clinch, finish him off and knock him down. Boxers sustain injuries over the course of the fight and the more you knock him down, the harder it is for him to get up.

Jab-jab-hook your way to welterweight victory. Try it today with the Pocket Boxing dice game!

Game Contents

Every Pocket Boxing dice game includes the following:

  • 1 convenient drawstring travel bag
  • 1 double-sided instruction sheet
  • 6 title fight mini-expansion tokens
  • 9 dice, including:
    • 3 different boxer dice (red, green, orange)
    • 3 defensive style dice (blue, brown, yellow)
    • 2 initiative dice (white)
    • 1 injury die (black)

About Pocket Sports

100% independently owned and operated by Hamish Sterling of Cairns, Australia, Pocket Sports understands that most people aren't heavy gamers. Hamish's games appeal to the casual sports fan who enjoys a beer in one hand and rolling dice in the other. It's all about winning some bragging rights after beating your mates, while still keeping everyone eager to play another game.

Innovative and fresh, these simple dice games appeal to the common sports fan who cheers everytime their hero takes the field. With a flick of the wrist, Pocket Sports transforms you into that hero for 20 minutes while you go head-to-head against your best mate and kick his royal butt once and for all!


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  • Weight: 49 grams (0.11 pounds)

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$15.99 USD

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