How to Play Famous Forehand

Table of Contents

  1. Welcome
    • Let's Get Started!
  2. Setup
    • Create a score sheet
    • Decide who will serve
    • Put the Service card in play
    • Deal four Rally cards to each player
  3. Receiving the Serve
    • Follow the arrows
    • Five possible destinations
    • Let the miniature courts guide you
    • Use the penny to track the ball
  4. Rallying for the Point
    • Single vs. double arrows
    • Rally until someone can't respond
    • Scoring the point
  5. Between Serves
    • Shuffle and redeal the Rally cards
    • Flip the Service card
  6. Game, Set, Match
    • One player serves the entire game
    • Winning a game
    • The server has an advantage
    • Playing a set of multiple games
    • Playing a match of multiple sets
  7. Look Who's Famous
    • Thank you!

Looking for the rules to our Famous Forehand tennis card game?

Let Coach show you how to play!


So you want to be a famous tennis player, do you? Well grab your racquet and let’s head onto the court so I can check your serve.

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The first thing we need to do is create a score sheet with a column for each player.

Then flip a penny to decidewho’s going to serve first.

The serving player takes the double-sided Service card and places it in front of him with the "Serve Left” side face-up.

Place the penny on the yellow arrow to represent the tennis ball.

The other player shuffles the eight Rally cards and deals four, facedown, to each player.

That’s everything! You’re ready for your first rally.

Receiving the Serve

See how the Service card shows a double arrow? That means your opponent has made a powerful smash that’s headed for your backcourt.

The Rally cards in your hand show tennis balls in two of five possible locations.

The serve’s precise destination is shown in miniature on the Service card.

The receiving player must respond with a Rally card that has a tennis ball in that location.

Every time you play a card, move the penny to the location that you're responding from.

Rallying for the Point

Now this line has only a single arrow, which means it’s a tip shot that’s headed just over the net, into the forecourt.

Again, the precise destination is shown in miniature on your Rally card.

Take turns playing cards from your hand, rallying back and forth until one of you can no longer respond with an appropriate card.

When a player can’t return the ball, his opponent earns a point.

Mark it in the appropriate column on the score sheet.

Between Serves

The player who received the serve gathers up all eight Rally cards, shuffles them, and deals out four to each player.

Meanwhile, the server flips the Service card to show “Serve Right” and places the penny on the outbound arrow.

Play continues just like that, with the same player alternating between left and right serves, regardless of who scores the point.

Game, Set, Match

The game continues until one player has scored at least four points and is also two points ahead of his opponent.

This will usually happen after about ten minutes of play.

In tennis, the person who’s serving usually finds it easier to score points.

To even out this advantage, players take turns serving over multiple games. This is referred to as a set.

You don’t have to play a set if you don’t want to.

If you do, however, we recommend declaring a winner as soon as someone has won two more games than his opponent.

Professional tennis players will often play multiple sets against each other, which is called a match.

That’s where the saying “game, set, match!” comes from.

Look Who's Famous

Good game, champ, and thanks for joining me on the court for a quick lesson.

You’ve got an impressive forehand. Put it to good use and you’ll be famous in no time!

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