Famous 500: a tiny car racing card game!

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Game Description

Best vintage two player car racing card game, Famous 500 by Famous Games Co.

Rev your engine with Famous 500, our tiny two player car racing game! Part of our Advanced Collection of challenging card games for more experienced players.

The roar of the engine all around you, the rush of adrenaline as you shift down to claim the inside turn, the satisfaction as you press heavy on the gas and surge ahead...

Do you have what it takes to be a famous race car driver? Order the World’s Smallest Car Racing Game today!

How to Play

Advanced Skill Level - Our Famous 500 car racing game is designed primarily for experienced players.

Famous 500 is a fun, fast-playing car racing simulation. The game focuses on managing the wear and tear on your vehicle, which you customize at the beginning of the game. For each hairpin, gentle curve, and straightaway on the track, players play a speed card, attempting to be the fastest car through that section.

Be careful, however. Higher speeds and more dangerous sections of track will increase the wear and tear on your tires, fuel, and engine. Drop below zero in any of these and you'll blow a tire, run out of fuel, or burst into a ball of flame. The player who crosses the finish line with the most speed points is declared the winner.

Learn the rules to our Famous 500 car racing card game with the help of Coach's online tutorials!
  • Players: 2
  • Duration: 10 minutes per lap
  • Includes: 9 game cards, 2 QuickStart cards, 1 info sheet
  • Requires: 2 pennies (or similar tokens), pens, paper


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Free Downloads

A black-and-white version of the 18-point Monaco racetrack ships with every copy of Famous 500. For even more motorsport excitement, download and print these other FREE racetracks.

Official Race Tracks

Famous North American Racing Circuits:
Indianapolis, Montreal, Toronto

[PDF - 1.0 MB]

Famous European Racing Circuits:
Le Mans, Monaco, Spa-Francorchamps

[PDF - 1.0 MB]

Fan-Submitted Race Tracks

F1 Grand Prix Circuits by Andras Madarasz:
Brands Hatch, Hungaroring, Monza

[PDF - 1.4 MB]

F1 Grand Prix Circuits by Andras Madarasz:
Adelaide, Interlagos, Suzuka

[PDF - 1.4 MB]

$6.99 USD

How to Play Famous 500

Table of Contents

  1. Welcome
  • Let's get started!
  • Dealing the Cards
    • Three cards each
    • Check for false starts
  • Customizing Your Race Car
    • Monitoring speed and endurance
    • Tires, fuel, engine and speed
    • Each track has a difficulty score
    • Four sample race cars
    • Start your engines...
  • The First Lap
    • Hairpins, curves and straightaways
    • Playing a card
    • Earning Speed points
    • Subtracting the costs from your car
    • Swapping cards with your opponent
    • Completing your first lap
  • Between Laps
    • Trailing driver discards and draws
    • Starting the next lap
  • Making a Pit Stop
    • Pit stops are indicated with a dotted line
    • Declaring your intent to stop
    • Draw a card then return one under the deck
    • Spend Speed points to repair your car
    • Returning to the race
  • Finishing the Race
    • Fall below zero and you’re out of the race
    • Making it across the finish line
    • Thank you!

    Looking for the rules to our Famous 500 car racing card game?

    Let Coach show you how to play!


    So you want to be a famous race car driver? Get behind the wheel and let’s see what you’ve got.

    Click the bottle cap to continue… »

    Dealing the Cards

    Shuffle the nine Speed cards and deal three facedown to each player. The three remaining cards form a facedown Pit Deck off to one side.

    Look at the three cards you’ve been dealt. If all three show a speed greater than 100, you can declare a false start and insist that the cards be shuffled and redealt.

    Customizing Your Race Car

    Racing cars is all about speed and endurance! After the cards have been dealt, each player will design a custom race car on their own sheet of paper.

    Divide each sheet into four columns: Tires, Fuel, Engine and Speed. Whoever earns the most speed points without falling below zero in the other columns will win the race.

    The numbers you put in these columns will depend on the difficulty of your racetrack. The Monaco track has a difficulty of 18. That means your first row must add up to a total of 18 points.

    You can divide those 18 points however you like but here are a few sample cars to get you started.

    • Stock Car: 6/6/6/0
    • Grand Touring Car: 8/5/3/2
    • Sports Prototype: 6/5/4/3
    • Formula 1 Car: 5/4/5/4

    When you’re ready to begin, place one penny on the Lap 1 space and another on the first section of track. The first section is always marked with an arrow beside the chequered flag.

    The First Lap

    Race tracks have three types of sections:

    • BLACK sections indicate hairpin turns;
    • GREY sections indicate gentler curves; and
    • WHITE sections indicate straightaways.

    Each section, you and your opponent will choose a card from your hand and play it facedown. Once you’re both ready, turn your card over, revealing how fast you’ve chosen to drive through the current section of track.

    The driver who played the higher card earns 2 speed points. The driver who played the lower card earns only 1 speed point. Add your points to the current tally in your Speed column.

    That said, going fast is hard on your car. We’re currently in a GREY section of track. See how the faster driver's card cost 2 Fuel while the slower driver's card cost only 1? Both drivers subtract the costs from the appropriate columns on their sheet.

    Once you’re done scoring, each driver takes the card played by his opponent. The penny then advances to the next section of track.

    Continue playing cards, earning Speed points, subtracting your costs, swapping cards, and advancing the penny until you've made it once around the track.

    Between Laps

    Between laps, the driver with the fewest Speed points must discard a card, removing it from the game. He then draws a new card from the top of the Pit deck. If tied, the driver who played the slowest card on the previous section must discard.

    Armed with new knowledge of the available cards, the trailing driver advances both pennies to mark the start of the new lap.

    Making a Pit Stop

    Both cars are running low on fuel. Fortunately, this section of track shows a dotted line, indicating that it’s a Pit Stop. You can spend Speed points here to repair and refuel your car.

    To declare a Pit Stop, simply say “Pit Stop!” and keep your card facedown when it’s time to reveal.

    Drivers who make a Pit Stop draw a card from the Pit deck. After viewing their hand, they return a card to the bottom of the deck. If both drivers declare a Pit Stop, the one with the most Speed points draws first.

    The main reason to declare a Pit Stop is to repair your car. For every Speed point you spend, your pit crew repairs 3 Tire points, 2 Fuel points, or 1 Engine point.

    The driver who did not make a Pit Stop earns Speed points and subtracts costs, as usual. Drivers in the pit earn no Speed points and subtract no costs. Swap cards and advance the penny to the next section of track to continue the race.

    Finishing the Race

    For a track of this length, each lap should take under 10 minutes. The race can end early, however, if either driver’s tires, fuel, or engine fall below zero. If that happens, the other car coasts to an easy victory.

    If both cars reach the finish line, however, the winner is the driver with the most Speed points. If tied, the driver who played the fastest final card wins the race.

    Thanks for joining me for a few laps, champ! I can tell you like to go fast. You can take my car out on the track anytime. Go ahead, here are the keys! You’ve earned them.

    Order Famous 500 today!

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