Tudor Games

Doug Strohm understands what it means to dream big, to turn a grand idea for a sports board game into a profitable reality. His combination of confidence, business acumen, technological savvy and simple appreciation for childhood memories led him to believe he can accomplish it again.

Strohm grew up part of a baseball family in Wapakoneta, Ohio, a fan of the Cincinnati Reds' famous "Big Red Machine." Like most boys in the area, he aimed to someday mimic the career arcs of Joe Morgan, Pete Rose or Johnny Bench.

Every summer, Strohm would attend the county fair with friends and seek out the pinball baseball game. A giant ball would cascade from a shoot and the player would try to correctly time his swing, smacking it with as much force as possible. But just as quickly as Strohm's enthusiasm soared, the county fair packed up, and his favorite game vanished until the next summer.

Rather than wait another year, he began developing his own version of the game at age 15 in the basement of his boyhood home using plywood and cardboard. He manipulated a Christmas wrapping paper tube into a pitch pipe and hammered a tiny bat near home plate. Although he went on to a successful career as a technology executive, he couldn't let go of the idea. More than 30 years later, in 2007, he launched the tabletop game as president and CEO of Seattle-based Ballpark Classics and earned an endorsement from Major League Baseball.

In 2012, Ballpark Classics acquired Miggle Toys, holders of the classic Electric Football game franchise, and Strohm rebranded his company as Tudor Games to pay his respect to the original company behind that historic game. Famous Games Co is proud to carry select games from the Tudor Games product line.

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