Classic tabletop sports games

While my famous sports games may be the world's smallest, there's a long tradition of classic sports games out there for you to explore. Here are a few that inspired me when I was young and are still available to create new memories today.

Norman Sas, an American toy inventor, mechanical engineer and manufacturer, grew up within the Tudor Metal Products Corporation that his father founded. Seeking to diversify, Norman's father developed table-top car and horse-racing games which used vibrations from a motor to propel figures across a metal surface.

Shortly after taking over the family business and renaming it as Tudor Games, Norman developed Electric Football in 1949 by applying the same technology to move figures across a football field. Electric Football was stunningly popular: Young football fans couldn’t get enough of strategizing with their 11 plastic players, putting them in just the right formation so that the ball carrier would vibrate his way into the end zone.

Deeply impacted by the rise of sport-based video games like Madden Football, Norman sold his company to Miggle Toys in the 1980s and retired in 1988. In 2012, Miggle Toys was purchased by Doug Strohm, a long-time fan and passionate advocate of the game who has resurrected the Tudor Games brand and is breathing new life and innovation back into today's Electric Football games. Famous Games Co is proud to carry select titles from the Tudor Games line.